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Privacy Notice

We are providing data to NHS Digital as part of the General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection, so that patient data can be used to help improve everyone’s health and care.

NHS Digital want to collect:

  • data about diagnoses, symptoms, observations, test results, medications, allergies, immunisations, referrals, recalls and appointments, including information about physical, mental and sexual health
  • data on sex, ethnicity and sexual orientation
  • data about staff who have treated patients┬áin a pseudonymised way (which is still personal data, as the data can be linked back.

Full details of the collection are here.

We need to inform the patients about this data collection and provide them the possibility of opting out through our privacy notice. The Department of Health and Social Care have advised that until they conduct a consultation with the National Data Guardian, Type 1 opt-out will continue to be respected. Type 1 opt-out can only be set at a GP practice.

A type 1 opt-out prevents information that identifies individuals being shared outside of their GP practice, for secondary uses. Type 1 Opt-outs were introduced in 2013 for data sharing from GP practices, but may be discontinued in the future as a new opt-out has since been introduced to cover the broader health and care system, called the National Data Opt-out. Our practice declared ourselves compliant on National Data Opt-out as on 30 Sept 2020 after our practice managers completed the actions I provided them for compliance with this opt-out.

NHS Digital will not collect any patient data for patients who have already registered a Type 1 Opt-out in line with current policy. A patient can register a Type 1 Opt-out at any time. They can also change your mind at any time and withdraw a Type 1 Opt-out.

If a patient wishes to register a Type 1 Opt-out with our GP practice before data sharing starts with NHS Digital, this should be done by returning the attached form to our GP practice by 23 June 2021 to allow time for processing it. If they have previously registered a Type 1 Opt-out and would like to withdraw this, they can also use the form to do this. They can send the form by post or email to your GP practice or call 0300 3035678 for a form to be sent out to the patient.

More details are here: